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Whole Poached Scottish Salmon with Cucumber and a Dill Mayonnaise

Braised Beef with Red Wine, Porcini, Tomatoes and Rosemary

Saffron Chicken, Fennel, Mint, Orange, Basil Salad

Slow Cooked Spiced Lamb, Prunes, Chilli and Coriander, Sweet Potato Puree


Pissaldiere – French Onion Tart with Anchovies and Olives

Pea, Ricotta, Parmesan, Mint and Basil Torte

Spicy Chorizo, Butter-Bean and Tomato Salad with Sherry Vinegar Dressing

Crushed Chickpeas, Roasted Aubergine and Red Onion, Herb Yoghurt Dressing

Potato and Fennel Gratin with a Parmesan Topping

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